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We specialise in tailored leasing solutions for schools and tertiary institutions. With over 18 years' experience leasing to New Zealand schools, Equico has helped schools finance everything from iPads to vehicles, even kitchen appliances and  artificial turf.
So no matter what your school needs, Equico can tailor the right solution for you.
Lease to Return


This is the most popular lease for Schools. Due to the speed of technology change, schools often need to upgrade equipment regularly. With Lease to Return, schools are able to choose a lease term equal to the useful life of the equipment. This allows schools to upgrade to the latest technology when equipment is out of date.

Lease to Return is the best option when the equipment depreciates rapidly and will be out of date within three years.

Lease to Own

This option is also known as a Finance Lease. Ownership of the equipment is retained by the School at the end of the lease term. Lease to Own is the most suitable option  when acquiring assets that have a long term useful life. Typically these assets will not depreciate in value as quickly as ICT technology.

Sale and Lease Back

For many schools, the sale and leaseback option offers a method to free up cash that is locked up  in purchased equipment.  Equico is able to purchase equipment from schools and lease it back to them. Typically equipment that is less than six months old qualifies for a sale and lease back agreement.

This enables schools to free up cash to invest on other, more suitable capital projects, or would prefer to pay for equipment over its useful life.

Equipment Protect


This product offers assistance to schools  in reducing the cost of replacing equipment that has been lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.

Equico assumes the cost of protecting equipment on behalf of the school.  This avoids costly claims and payments associated with traditional insurance policies. We use our resources and ICT supply relationships to replace equipment at the best price with very fast processing.

Ask about our low claim fee or waived claim fee options. 

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