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Why Lease?

Cost Effective

Instead of outlaying large capital amounts upfront, you pay for equipment as you use it. With leasing you increase your purchasing power and you are able to acquire 2.5 times the value of equipment when compared to paying cash.


Keep Up-to-Date

Leasing enables you to upgrade to the latest equipment when you need it, this provides an optimal learning environment for staff and students.



Equico is able to tailor funding and leasing solutions based on the specific needs of your school. Speak to one of our dedicated school leasing specialists to see how.

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School Leasing Specialists

Experts in the field help you get relevant equipment acquisition and management strategies.


Talk to a Leasing Specialist

The results are in, and here's what schools had to say about Modern Learning Environments   

MLE means many things to many people and covers a range of views. That being said, there are some very strong trends developing among educators. Download the survey result to see more. 

"Do you want to know the number one challenge to implementing a MLE?"

We asked almost 2000 schools what they thought. After receiving an incredible response, here is what you had to say.

Download the survey and see what NZ Educators think of MLEs:
Download the results here


Benefits of Leasing
Conserve your cash
Avoid large upfront costs
Overcome the cost barrier
Obtain the latest technology and pay as you use
Increase buying power
Take advantage of volume discounts and low quarterly payments
Get the equipment you need now
Increase parity in your school
Spread the cost of your equipment
Payments can be monthly or quarterly
Keep up-to-date with equipment
Select the lease term that is most suitable to the usable life of the equipment
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