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We specialise in technology leasing and work with our customers to get the most out of their ICT budgets. We enable customers to get the technology, software, installation, training and services they need, when they need it. Leasing allows you to pay for technology as you use it and then upgrade when your needs change.  This also avoids tying up valuable capital in rapidly depreciating assets. Our flexible terms ensure all contracts can be tailored to suit individual requirements, and with our transparent approach, customers remain fully informed all the time.
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Dealing With eWaste

Equico understands the seriousness of ensuring that electronic waste does not make its way to landfill. For this reason, Equico has selected partners and channels that have responsible strategies to disposing of obsolete and old equipment.

One of the advantages of leasing with Equico is the ease of returning goods at the end of lease. You don't need to worry about the burden of disposing of outdated technology and ewaste directly; simply return the equipment to Equico, and any products that need to be disposed of will be done in an environmentally considerate manner.
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